Burst pipe

Brrrilliant advice for the big thaw and burst pipes

After days of freezing temperatures, many parts of the country are experiencing a big thaw. As temperatures rise, frozen pipes begin to thaw. Some pipes may leak or burst as a result and may flood your property.

What to do if you have a burst or leak

Our Winter Wise Guide offers some useful information and advice on what to do to protect your property – and also what to do if you have a burst pipe or leak.

Bigger impacts

Many water companies are reporting exceptionally high levels for demand of water due to multiple bursts on networks and an increase in leaks in and on customer properties. In some areas, significant numbers of customers are without water or are experiencing low pressure. If this is the case, supplies for vulnerable customers will be prioritised and bottled water will be supplied where necessary.

How you can help

While water companies act to resolve water supply issues, you can help by using as little water as possible until things return to normal. Here’s how:

  • Check commercial premises for burst pipes and leaks
  • Don’t forget to check outside taps
  • Call a plumber if necessary
  • Don’t use water for anything that isn’t essential.
  • Do not leave taps or hoses running unnecessarily
  • Encourage hotel guests to take short showers rather than baths
  • Only turn washing machines and dish washers on when you have a full load

Stay tuned

Click here to view the latest local supply updates.

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