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We’re creating better water, wastewater and trade effluent services for farming and agriculture businesses in Scotland.

2024 marks the 10th year of partnership between NFUS and Castle Water. For too long, farmers and growers had been left out of the benefits of the competitive water market in Scotland, that’s why we chose to partner with NFUS partnered and offer a deal that secures preferential water and wastewater rates for NFUS members.

We estimate we are currently saving NFUS members £39,000 on annual bills. We haven’t yet found a NFUS member who pays water charges where we can’t offer worthwhile savings. The partnership between NFUS and Castle Water was the first affinity partnership in the water sector, and we continue to look for opportunities to support NFUS.

Discounted NFUS member water rates

Our affinity partnership with NFUS delivers worthwhile savings, and with a smooth switching process, straightforward billing, simple ways to manage your account online, support to improve sustainability, and specialised Agriculture Wastewater Treatment Services, we have everything you need get the most from your water services in Scotland. Our Scotland-based team handle the switch for you. 

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Other water retailers fail to take over 20% of the meter readings for which they are responsible, and it’s strongly suspected that they have a much higher failure rate with rural customers. We’re the only water retailer that’s invested in our own meter reading team and we achieve on time readings in 99% of cases in Scotland. We make it easy for our customers to submit their own water meter readings online all year round to keep bills low.

Unlike other business water retailers, our quotes don’t have hidden retail fees in the small print, and we don’t do exit charges. We have more 5-star customer reviews and more directly employed meter readers than any other UK water retailer.

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Why is water efficiency important?

With a clear understanding of how and why your business uses water you are better placed to spot unusual water usage. Early indication of this can:

Save water consumption

Reduce carbon emissions

Protect the environment

Avoid potentially damaging leaks

Save water and reduce your monthly bills with our practical water saving measures and helpful advice.

Start with a simple review of your business water usage using our water efficiency checklist

Learn about achieving behaviour changes to find out how to get your employees involved.

Follow our step by step guide to saving water and understand how your water bill works

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Limpet readers

Is your water meter difficult to read?

You need an accurate, low cost solution to hassle-free meter readings

Limpet readers are a budget friendly option for businesses looking to avoid skipped meter readings, eliminate estimated billing, and minimise the hassle of monthly meter readings, by providing 100% accurate readings directly to your device.

Quick and easy to set up, Limpet readers help to keep your business water bills up-to-date and improve safety by removing the need to open meter manholes to collect meter readings.

The benefits of limpet readers

  • 100% meter reading accuracy
  • Budget-friendly meter reading solution
  • Avoid skipped meter readings
  • No more estimated bills
  • Eliminate site call outs
  • Track water consumption
  • Improve safety and physical benefits

How do limpet readers work?

The Limpet reader attaches to your existing water meter. The device takes a photo of the meter reading and converts the image into accurate numerical readings (as displayed on your meter). The meter reading data is transmitted to a database, that stores your readings with corresponding dates, before being sent to your mobile device.

The devices offer the flexibility to set up in advance how often you would like to receive your water meter readings. Typically businesses set Limpet readers to provide monthly readings.

Ready to install a limpet reader?

Limpet readers are quick and easy to install and can be up and running in 15 minutes.

To talk to us today about installing limpet readers in your business by calling our experienced team on
01250 718718 or email We’re available Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.

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One simple bill

Our job is to let you get on with yours. One simple bill for all your water and wastewater, paid securely by Direct Debit, means you can spend more time where you’re needed most. Log in to your online account to see everything all in one place, anywhere, anytime.

Only pay for the water you use

Other water retailers fail to take over 20% of the meter readings for which they are responsible, and it's strongly suspected that they have a much higher failure rate with rural customers. We're the only water retailer that's invested in our own meter reading team and we achieve on time readings in 99% of cases in Scotland.

Manage your account online

Our customer portal has everything you need to stay in control of your account, all in one place. With your online account you can log in to check your account balance, view and download invoices, submit meter readings, update your details, get help and support, set up Direct Debits and go paperless. You can add and manage users at any time to keep access to your account secure and up-to-date.

Agriculture Wastewater Treatments

Our Wastewater Treatment Services consider the flexible nature of the farm and agri-food business to find efficiencies that lead to major savings on water bills. From the use of water in harvesting, cleaning equipment or looking after livestock, we can help you to find efficiencies and ways to become more sustainable, reduce costs and save money while keeping machinery in good condition.