When disaster strikes, water is life

In the critical first few hours and long after the initial emergency, Castle Water and Save the Children make sure children caught up in emergencies can access safe, clean drinking water when they need it most.

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The Difference You Make

Every year, conflict and natural disasters threaten millions of children’s lives and futures – and those threats are mounting.

Right now, one in five children worldwide is living in a conflict zone. In one war after another, children are on the frontline. Their homes and playgrounds are the new battlegrounds.

At the same time, the number of natural disasters has doubled over the past 20 years, as the effects of climate change begin to bite. That has put more children than ever before directly in the path of catastrophic weather events like typhoons, drought and floods.

Save the Children’s Emergency Fund is designed to help us rise to this mounting challenge. It means that we can respond as soon as disaster strikes. The faster we respond, the more lives we save. It means our teams can be on the ground delivering life-saving supplies wherever the need is greatest, whether a crisis is making the headlines or has been forgotten by the world. And it means we can be there for communities for the long haul, helping them to get back on their feet and be better prepared for the next emergency.

Save the Children’s partnership with Castle Water helps make this vital work possible. We joined forces in August 2017. In the space of just 18 months, Castle Water raised an incredible £120,000 through generous corporate, employee and customer donations.

This is a look back at the difference Castle Water has made.


In an emergency, water can become lethal. As sanitation systems collapse, water turns from a life-saver into a vehicle for deadly diseases such as cholera, which can spread with horrifying rapidity.

That’s why providing children with safe, clean water is one of our top priorities in an emergency. Our teams deliver jerry cans for water storage and water purification tablets to the worst-affected communities within days of a disaster striking. If communities are completely cut off from clean water, we find a way to truck it in. And we get the water supply and sanitation systems up and running: drilling boreholes, building wells and toilets, and putting handwashing facilities in schools and health centres. Here are just a few examples of how we have worked to get safe water and sanitation to children since the partnership began.


Since partnering with Castle Water in August 2017, Save the Children’s Emergency Fund has:

Nadia*, 11, is growing up under military occupation in the West Bank, but she refuses to give up hope. Nadia*, 11, is growing up under military occupation in the West Bank, but she refuses to give up hope.


In May 2019, Save the Children was 100 years old. This year, our centenary, we launched a campaign to double global efforts to make sure children survive, thrive and are protected. We are incredibly grateful to have Castle Water’s amazing support at this pivotal moment in our history.

As a sponsor of our ‘See Me Safe’ Centenary Symposium, Castle Water helped give Save the Children a platform to discuss and debate practical solutions to protect the rising numbers of children caught up in conflict. The symposium saw discussions between academics, key policy makers, and political and business leaders to help to make protecting children in conflict a priority.


Save the Children is thrilled that our partnership with Castle Water
has been extended for a further three years.

We will press forward with our partnership ambition to
reach 5 million people in emergencies worldwide by 2022.

Thank you, Castle Water, your customers and employees,
for supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund.