With Castle Water’s support, we’ve worked to improve hygiene practices in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Here Halima Khatum*, 19, washes her hands with her baby Laila*.

In August 2017 an appalling upsurge in violence forced hundreds of thousands of Rohingya families to flee Myanmar for their lives.

The vast majority ended up in a huge, unsanitary refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. A severe lack of clean water there put children at extreme risk of contracting killer diseases such as cholera.

Castle Water’s support couldn’t have come at a better time, helping us launch a massive response to the crisis.

To prevent the spread of disease and get clean water to families, we have:

  • installed more than 1,000 latrines and over 430 bathing units, working with partners to ensure they
    are well maintained
  • distributed over 30,000 hygiene kits
  • built 75 deep tube wells with water pumps to make sure children and families can access safe,
    clean water trained and worked with Rohingya community
  • volunteers to promote good hygiene practices, running over 1,500 hygiene awareness sessions.

Two years on, we still have more than 1,900 staff and volunteers on the ground in Cox’s Bazaar, helping children to survive, recover and stay safe.