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Castle Water has established a comprehensive suite of framework agreements with specialist contractors who can assist you with services on-site relating to provision of water supplies. These are services which relate to your own water supply and treatment infrastructure, and not the Wholesaler’s network or statutory provision of emergency water. Additional services include:

  • Meter installation, accuracy and verification
  • Water efficiency auditing, leak detection and repair
  • Automatic Meter readings (AMR) and smart metering
  • Water and wastewater monitoring, benchmarking and forecasting
  • New connections, including multi-utility connections
  • Operating, maintenance and servicing
  • On-site water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Water recovery and reuse, including water purification systems
  • Emergency provision including wholesale bottled drinking water, bulk water tankering
  • Storage tank and temporary supply infrastructure rental
  • Water supply continuity, planned events, and disaster recovery solutions, including assured response to water-critical sites


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