To celebrate World Water Day, we’re taking a closer look at the way we drink water in the UK. The health benefits of drinking water have long been known, but does this mean we’re drinking enough? A survey carried out by Aqua Pura to find out how much water Brits actually drink showed that only 6% of us are drinking the recommended amount of water per day - although it is the case that flavoured drinks do count towards the recommended two litres. When we do drink water, 80% of us choose to drink tap water rather than bottled water. Tap water drinkers also drink water more often than those who prefer bottled water.

Whether its mineral water sold by the bottle or ‘simple’ tap water, here are some of the indicators that we are indeed, discovering a taste for water.

1. We’re losing our sweet tooth

At the end of 2021, The Grocer reported that the year had seen a decrease in sales of diluting juice and an increase in sales of bottled water. Diluting juice sales fell by over £11m year-on-year, whereas sales of water were up by over £62m.

2. We’re buying increased volume

In 2021, Highland Spring launched a 10-litre pack of water. Consumers are buying greater quantities of mineral water, and the large packs give people the opportunity to decant mineral water into reusable bottles.

3. The market for refillable water bottles is booming

The market for reusable water bottles keeps rising. It is predicted to rise by around 4% every year until 2028.

4. Increase in refill stations

Alongside the rise in sales of bottled water, more consumers are using refill bottles, creating a greater demand for water fountains. In 2021, for example, eight water refill stations were installed across Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to supply the increased demand.

5. We’re becoming connoisseurs

As we recently reported in our blog ‘Turning Water into Business Gold’, a water bar in Cheshire has enjoyed unprecedented success by hosting water-tasting events where customers can taste water sourced from all over the world. The bar owner also sells water sourced from his own spring which retails for up to £15 a bottle.

6. People are prepared to pay silly amounts for a bottle of water

If spending £15 on a bottle of water shocks you, you haven’t seen anything yet! The most expensive bottled water in the world is Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani, available for a mere $60,000 (just over £44,000) for 750ml. However, given that the bottle is made out of 24-carat gold, we suspect you’d not be buying it just for the water. If that’s a bit expensive for your taste, the cost of the second most expensive water in the world plummets to just $402 (nearly £300) for 750ml. A bargain!


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