Wastewater management can be tricky if you try to go it alone without expert guidance. In the UK, businesses are held to high standards when it comes to wastewater disposal and often require permits to ensure no damaging materials enter the local environment.

Bar the need for safe drinking water on your premises, it’s hard to argue there isn’t a more important factor for businesses than effective wastewater management.

Castle Water understands this and helps customers who want reliable wastewater management services for their business. Let’s take a look at the advantages that come with doing so, and why you might want to get in touch with Castle Water to discuss possible improvements.

Improving wastewater management

Some of the primary advantages of wastewater management include:

  • Reducing dependencies on harmful removal processes
  • Lowering additional water usage
  • Utilising effective treatments within your industry
  • Ensuring you can follow UK environmental regulations

Of course, an effective wastewater management process also does the job of lowering costs too, which is exactly why customers come to Castle Water for advice specific to their industry.

Tailoring to your industry

A common thread amongst businesses which can’t seem to access the advantages of wastewater management easily is that their suppliers take a one size fits all approach with the specific services required for effective management. For example, an agriculture-based business will need completely different solutions than a hotel or restaurant.

Castle Water understands this and advise wastewater services to businesses on a case-by-case level to determine how to optimise wastewater solutions. For example, you can read a recent blog post looking at trade effluent advice for businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry here, to get an idea of how dynamic solutions can be.

Understanding which treatments work best

There are dozens of treatments out there which businesses can use to improve wastewater management, but it takes an expert to know which is best. That’s why Castle Water can help distinguish when the likes of O.G. control, oxygenation, greywater recycling, or waste tinkering work best.

You can see a more comprehensive list of the most popular treatments on our main wastewater management page here.

Knowing where responsibilities lie

Businesses can often fall short due to mishandling wastewater. This may simply be caused by a lack of knowledge; something which can easily be avoided by having someone manage those service for you.

And in the off chance you’re already starting to wonder what basic water responsibilities you have should in place, please read this blog post that explains what your water responsibilities are.

Realising you could save water (and lower bills)

It can seem too obvious, but when managed correctly, if a business can put water recycling processes in place, the reintroduction of water will lower initial usage, which in turn lowers meter readings and billings.

If your business doesn’t already employ the use of automatic water meter readings, you may want to talk with Castle Water about doing so.

Get in touch with Castle Water today

If wastewater management is something your business hasn’t been utilising effectively, or you’d like to know how Castle Water can help, our team is here to answer your questions.

Please call us on 01250 718 700 or contact us here. A member of the team will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding effective wastewater management solutions. You can read more about our services here, including business water services.


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