Don’t be tricked into using multiple business water suppliers. Instead reap the rewards by streamlining your water services with one retailer that gives out all the treats!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using multiple water suppliers for your business water and wastewater services. With so many service options to choose from, this tyranny of choice can often mislead customers into believing they have attained more savings through using separate water retailers. However, in actual fact, there are much more customer benefits when you combine your water services with one supplier.

Still having doubts about combining your business water services?

Here are the main benefits of switching your water services to one water retailer:


A main benefit to businesses combining their water services is increased efficiency. Switching to one water retailer will simplify admin workloads; resulting in less downtime required to process bills, paperwork and other associated processing tasks. By halving the amount of operating time, your business will increase efficiency whilst saving money.

One simple bill

Receiving one simplified bill is undoubtedly a significant reason why businesses combine their water and wastewater services with one supplier. You might also consider setting up a Direct Debit with your business water supplier. Not only will this save your business additional time, but it will also help prevent any late payment charges.

One Supplier

Only contact one water supplier directly for all your business water needs. Easily manage your account by having everything all in one place with one retailer. Take advantage of your retailers online account management tools, such as Castle Water’s online portal MyAccount, to ensure you have access to your account anytime, anywhere.

There are many influencing factors to decide which water supplier is best suited for your business. For instance, you may want to consider if any additional water services are offered when selecting your business water retailer. Many water retailers compete on price alone, so it is essential to weigh up what factors and water requirements are most important for your business, e.g. lower costs or additional water services. Keep in mind the quality of customer service experience the retailer also provides.

Consolidated billing for multi-site businesses

Depending on whether or not your business has multiple sites and/or several water and wastewater accounts, it’s necessary to figure out how you want to receive your invoices. The easiest option for most businesses is to consolidate all their water and wastewater bills. This means that you will receive one simplified bill including every site or account invoice, as opposed to being sent multiple invoices separately for each. Confirm your billing preferences with your water retailer to ensure the best option is offered for your business.


You may be intending to save your business additional time, money or simply become more efficient. Regardless, developing a streamlined approach by combining your business water and wastewater services with one retailer will always outweigh the benefits of using multiple suppliers.

Letting you spend more time on what matters most… your business.

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