Get to know Public Sector Team Lead, Kathleen Macleod, and find out what makes her a Castle Water Expert.

Tell us about your role at Castle Water

My role as Public Sector Team Lead is to manage the Public Sector Team who provide customer service and billing for all Crown Commercial Service (CCS) customers. I work closely with the wider Industrial and Commercial billing teams to ensure all invoices are provided to customers in a timely and accurate manner. I also provide direct support to many of our customers who have complex queries and require an escalation point to resolve any issues.

We're open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, however, we also work with our Out-of-Hours colleagues to ensure all customers have 24/7 access to round the clock support for emergencies.

How important are good communications to your team?

Good communication is imperative, as my team is the first point of contact for all CCS customers including hospitals, universities, schools and government departments. For every call and email, we carefully note all relevant information and process this accurately to get it right the first time. We aim to provide a seamless service for our customers, therefore attention to detail and strong communication is very important to us.

How does Castle Water tailor its services to customers?

Castle Water's award-winning service is tailored to meet the needs of all our customer. For CCS customers this means providing each account with a Commercial Relationship Manager. All Castle Water customers benefit from our full range of award-winning customer services, access to manage their account online on MyAccount, and 24/7 access to emergency support.

24/7 contact details for emergencies means that sensitive site customers (e.g. hospitals) can access support in the event of an unplanned water outage and other unforeseen emergencies.

What would you say are the 3 main customer benefits of MyAccount?

  1. Customers can access invoices anywhere, anytime with just the click of a button!
  2. Customers can view account balances anytime, which helps to keep payments up to date.
  3. Customers with multiple sites can be viewed everything on MyAccount as one portfolio, making life simpler for multi-site customers.

How are you making a difference for Castle Water customers?

I help to resolve complex queries by hosting calls with customers who wish to have a one-to-one discussion. I also host webinars for new customers which gives them a good understanding of the water market, our onboarding process and all the great services that Castle Water provide.


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