Castle Water supports all business water customers, offering a variety of additional tailored services and water industry advice.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team are available to offer guidance and help educate businesses on water efficiency and sustainability. By implementing these water saving techniques our customers are able to reduce their business water usage, minimise effluent and cut costs.

Tamzin Hall's Water Efficiency Presentation

One of our valued customers, JLL, approached us and reached out for support to host a presentation to their occupants about water efficiency. This was part of their programme to support and improve sustainability in their businesses.

Tamzin Hall, Castle Water's Head of Strategic Partnerships, led the presentation which focused on the importance of water efficiency and sustainability. Specifically, suggesting easy and helpful tips on how to better manage water usage at both work and home, for instance:

  • Setting up a water efficiency action plan
  • Put Hippo Bag or Brick in your toilet cistern
  • Use a bucket to wash your car
  • Only run the dishwasher when it’s full

The presentation was hosted to several businesses from different sectors, including retail and hospitality. The discussion also included an interactive quiz, where Tamzin engaged with the audience to better understand their water efficiency needs. At the end of the presentation any queries were clarified in a Q&A session, and everyone was directed to further online resources.

The event organiser and Assistant Sustainability Manager, said of the event:

Thank you to Castle Water for presenting an insightful and interactive water sustainability session. This important information and advice will support businesses and individuals to become more water efficient in both their work and home environment.

Tamzin Hall commented:

It was an absolute pleasure to support our client and to provide water efficiency training. Sharing help and advice is something all employees at Castle Water do daily, and it was an honour to have the opportunity to share my knowledge, in an interactive and fun way.

For more information, our online Water Efficiency Guide is packed with easy and practical tips to help your business save water and money. Download your step-by-step Water Efficiency Guide here.

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