If you are facing a downturn due to the Covid-19 virus, there are some things we can do to help ensure your business water bills are minimised.

Business Assessed

If your bills are calculated through Assessed charges and your consumption is now reducing, we can apply for a reassessment - in some cases this can significantly reduce bills.

If you have reduced your hours and consumption please complete our new Covid-19 reduced hours form

If you have had to temporary close your premise(s), then please complete our new temporary closure form

Covid-19 reduced hours form

temporary closure form

Metered Customers

If you have a water meter, the calculation of charges on your bill from the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) is based on your previous meter readings. This means charges are calculated for each month based on your average daily consumption.

Although you can reduce your water usage, your bills may not be reduced for several months if we don't have an up-to-date reading, depending on when we take our normal meter readings at your premises.

You can take two meter readings yourself, 1 month apart, and submit them to us (submit each reading on the day you take them).

Once you have provided your second reading, please email metering@castlewater.co.uk with your account number so we can recalculate your bill.

Submit a meter reading

Find out more about water meters

Monthly Direct Debit

If you are on bi-annual or annual billing and pay your bills on demand, why not consider switching to Direct Debit and spread your payments over 10 months.

Sign up to Direct Debit

Closing your business

If you are closing for a period of time until things return to normal, please complete our temporary closure form (before you close if possible), and make sure you provide a forwarding address and an email address.

Temporary Closure Form

Vacant premises won't normally incur charges (unless you are in Scotland), although we may have to charge if water is being used.

We can send you a final bill, and make sure you don't incur further charges while your business is closed. You should contact us again when you are ready to re-open.


If you haven't already, register for your MyAccount - our online self-serve customer portal providing secure 24/7 access to your Castle Water account at myaccount.castlewater.co.uk

MyAccount Registration

Standby water

We are not aware of any problems relating to the supply of water currently. However, if you are concerned about the risk of interruptions to your water supply we can provide a standby contract for deliveries of bottled or tankered water with a guaranteed SLA, normally 1,000 x 1 litre bottles, or a 30,000 litre tanker. Separate charges and terms apply.

If you are interested in discussing this with one of our specialist advisers, please email us at additionalservices@castlewater.co.uk

Contact details

Our customer services are available 8-5 Monday-Friday, via webchat or contact us here.

There is advice and guidance on managing your water consumption at castlewater.co.uk/services/water-management

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