We understand that for most companies, the primary function of a customer service team is dealing with issue resolution, and that’s an important aspect of any service that customers will always require. However, at Castle Water, we feel that our customer services can provide so much more. We’ve dedicated major investment towards our in-house customer service department because we view our customer service team as the best bridge of communication between ourselves and our customers.

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Our customer service personnel are trained to recognise the ever-changing needs of our customers and channel that back into the company for further examination. Castle Water understands that the day-to-day experiences of our customers are the reality of the business water market - and all water suppliers have to be ready to respond to the evolution of the industry.

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Receiving feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, is another core function of our customer service department. Castle Water actively encourages our customers to tell us about their experiences with us so we can improve and better assist our customers. If things are going well – that’s great – let’s keep in touch and keep them that way! But if things need improvement, let’s communicate about the issues and seek to resolve them as quickly as possible. Castle Water understands that no service can be problem-free, but how we respond to those issues can be the true test of a company. Our customer service team will always endeavour to work with our customers, and when necessary, their Water Wholesalers to get problems solved.

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As well as issue resolution and customer feedback, Castle Water sees a key attribute of their customer service department as providing practical advice to its customers. Castle Water is committed to providing its customers with guidance and information to help them over a range of subjects, including:

Businesses can reap significant benefits by implementing just a few of these ideas – and quickly see the financial rewards. By using water more efficiently, our customers can save money, reduce their carbon footprint and promote a positive message of sustainability.

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We’re proud that our customer service has earned a 4.5 TrustScore and has more 5-star reviews than all other water retailers combined. Our customer service team will always be there to resolve issues, but their skills go way beyond that. They’re here to listen to your feedback, to better understand your business and its needs, and to provide the advice and support that can make a real difference to your business.