If you’ve read our blog posts on whether tap water is bad for you, or if water has a taste, you might be someone who has or is considering getting a water filter jug. Whether you want one for the home or are thinking it might be something staff in the office might be keen to have, let’s take a look at why people use water jugs and how practical they can be.

Why do people have water filter jugs?

Water filter jugs are typically used for two reasons:

  • Getting rid of minerals
  • Personal preference

When you pour a glass of water from your tap, it won’t be a completely neutral substance with a pH of 7. Water across the UK varies from a pH of 6 to 8.5, depending on where you are. It is entirely safe to drink, with the only variable being the level of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and fluoride in the glass.

Someone with a water filter jug would be looking to take out these minerals, probably due to how they prefer water tastes.

Do we really need water filters in the UK?

Water quality in the UK is exceptionally high. If you read our post on where tap water comes from, you’ll know that the companies in charge of sourcing and getting water to you have to ensure every drop is safe and clean.

Regulations and laws put in place ensure that water gets tested rigorously. In most cases, water has to be 99.99% safe for use; otherwise, its seen as a massive problem for the local water network. So while they do indeed remove any additional minerals, most homes wouldn’t need a water filter.

Is a water filter better than tap water?

This is the biggest point of contention between people who swear by using filters, and those who don’t. Generally, it all comes down to taste preference. Water around the UK can vary in taste due to how water is sourced.

For example, someone getting a glass of water in Glasgow (where water is very soft) will experience a slightly different taste than someone with a glass in Portsmouth (where water quality is very hard).

Because water filter jugs strip away and filter out certain minerals, you’d end up with a uniform taste and consistency. So, someone using the same jug in Glasgow and Portsmouth may find water to have a consistent taste or mouthfeel.

Are water filter jugs expensive?

Like shopping for most things online, there’s a water jug to suit any budget. Obviously, there are the big brand names everyone knows about, but it’s easy enough to find a cheaper alternative if you’re looking for a budget option to give it a go and see if you notice a difference.

Should a business have water filter jugs?

If your business doesn’t have a significant reliance on water, for example, if it is just a few people in an office, you might want to use a water jug out of personal preference. For some companies, especially those who need a certain pH level kept in place for water, may prefer to have an industrial-sized water filter installed. You’ll usually see these as large tubes connected near the water mains.

How can my company get better water?

You should already have a high-quality water supply in place for your business, and it should never let you down. If you are finding problems with your water which your current supplier isn’t helping with, or you feel you should be getting a better price on your water bills, Castle Water can help. Read how we delivered 9,000 litres of emergency bottled water to customers in London when a burst pipe left them with little or no water supply.

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