Dr Alex Murdoch, Technical Relationship Manager, tells us about his career so far at Castle Water

My role as Technical Relationship Manager is to support Customer Relationship Managers in their role by providing technical advice, complex issue resolution, and discussion of additional water services. I also manage Additional Services, processing all customer referrals, maintaining the relationships with our framework partners and looking into potential new services.

I came across Castle Water by chance. I had not worked in the water industry before, but my background gave me knowledge and skills that would be useful in several industries. My analytical skills in particular helped me address some key issues affecting large numbers of accounts that arose after market opening.


I have attended several training courses at Castle Water; First-Aid training, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Advanced Excel, and Negotiation Workshop. In addition, I have completed all the required learning management training.

Opportunity to progress

My responsibilities have grown and changed from where I started with the company. I started in the Trade Effluent team as a Complex Billing Specialist, but quickly began managing part of this team. After a couple of years, I moved over to the CRM team to provide technical support. Within this role I carry out customer analysis and market analysis to then develop customer retention and sales strategies.

Teamwork, varied, challenging.

Dr Alex Murdoch, Technical Relationship Manager, describes working at Castle Water in 3 words.

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Team dynamic

I work across many different areas of the business and have always found my colleagues to be committed, highly capable and easy to work with.

Hybrid working

I had worked from remote locations prior to COVID, so I was familiar with working from mobile devices and in a non-office environment. I also thought those colleagues who were perhaps less familiar with this adapted well and overall communication (essential for remote working) has been consistent. It is also gratifying when considering the reduced environmental impact that comes from these working practices.

Attending events

I have attended the 2019 Customer Conference, Major Energy Users Council Conference and also taken part in the 2022 Cateran Yomp which is an annual hiking event which takes place in the Perthshire mountains in aid of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and exists to raise vital funds to support soldiers, veterans, and their families.


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