There are so many reasons why paying your water bills by Direct Debit is a good idea.

The benefits cover various aspects of your business, such as helping cash flow, simplifying budgeting and reducing workloads. On a personal level, Direct Debit just takes the hassle out of paying bills, giving you more time and energy to focus on helping your business to grow and generate more income. Direct Debit also offers the most efficient way of paying your water bills – delivering instant payments when they’re due and avoiding the risk of late payments. If you still need more convincing, hopefully one of these will do the trick!

You’ll pay the same for your business water every month

You’ll pay the same regular amount each month based on your previous usage. Your previous usage is used to calculate your monthly payments going forward. You’ll then pay the same amount every month for the rest of that year. No more spikes in usage or unexpectedly high bills – just a regular monthly payment.

Your business can budget more effectively knowing your regular water costs

Knowing your regular water payments makes it easier to budget other aspects of your business. With a fixed payment every month, you’ll have greater oversight of your water costs, giving you flexibility to better budget elsewhere.

If you become more water efficient, your regular payment can be reduced

If you save water, you can save money! We’ll periodically review your payments to make sure you’re paying the right amount, so the sooner you start saving water, the sooner your business can start saving money. Castle Water has already helped businesses reduce their water usage by an average of 19%. Reduced water use leads to cheaper bills.

Direct Debit takes the hassle out of paying your water bills

It just makes sense. Make the switch today.