It isn’t unknown that fresh water is in short supply and although there’s plenty of water in the world, 97.5% of it makes up our oceans. Seawater is too salty to be potable, which doesn’t leave much fresh water to serve the environment as well as a growing population. Climate change is influencing weather patterns, which means there will be more water shortages in the future. Ecosystems are suffering as a result of rivers and lakes drying up, either through lack of water or because the water that’s left is too polluted to use. And sadly, things are getting worse.

Using less water means more to go round

There are predictions of hotter summers causing water shortages and even droughts in some areas. The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency recently predicted that, by 2050, the amount of potable water available in England could be reduced by up to 15%; in the summer some rivers could have up to 80% less water; and 3.4 billion extra litres of water a day will be needed to supply the needs of people, industry and agriculture. Therefore, the more your business does now to minimise water usage, the less we will be affected in times of water scarcity.

Using less water benefits wildlife

If your business uses a large amount of water, there may be times when you need to abstract it from the environment. Any freshwater that is diverted from rivers can have an adverse effect on the ecosystem, threatening habitats which in turn threatens the wildlife that relies on them. Water abstraction is regulated to ensure there is enough available source water for sustainable use by everyone, but it should be in your best interest to ensure that water efficiency measures are treated as a priority.

Using less water uses less energy

Using water also uses gas and electricity - not only to heat water, but also to purify the water and pump it around the network. Therefore, using less water will have a consequent drop in energy use. And using less energy will reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases that lead to climate change.

Using less water will result in cleaner water

The less water your business uses, the cleaner the water in the environment will be. If the sewerage system is overwhelmed with huge volumes of water, water companies are allowed to release untreated wastewater into the environment. Therefore, the less water your business uses, the more likely it is that the drainage system will be able to cope with periods of heavy usage and the less likely it is that contaminated wastewater will need to be released into the environment.

Using less water helps us live in attractive environments

The less water your business uses, the more there will be available to enable communities to create attractive environments for us all to live and work in. There will be more water to use for the upkeep of public parks and gardens, as well as more water to help clean the roads and pavements, to serve car-washing facilities, and to fill public fountains. All environmental improvements that, while not necessary for survival, are essential for our mental wellbeing.

How using less water can affect your business

  • Money savings - The health of the environment isn’t the only reason why your business needs to implement water efficiency measures. Any water your business doesn’t use, or recycles, results in cost savings, which can soon add up. Any investment in water efficiency measures and technology will result in significant cost savings, and you could see a return on your investment in as little as a year. Over a trial period, one police authority saved £40,000 on their water bills - 10% of their total spend.
  • Attract customers, employees, and investors - With more and more people becoming environmentally aware, you could win new customers and attract new employees and investors by showing your environmental credentials, including taking measures to save water.

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