Every business owner has been there - through stormy nights with wind battering off the window, it’s very natural to worry about how the business is holding up. Storm overflow can be a nightmare, especially in industries like construction, where overwhelmed piping can stall progress and even destroy completed work.

It can also overwhelm wastewater systems, which may prove costly and could damage the local environment. This could lead to a knock-on effect that damages your business’ reputation. It’s important to be ready for stormy weather and to make sure that your business can handle the pressure, avoiding unnecessary burst pipes and flooding.

Here are just a few ways that you can effectively curb the damage that a storm may cause to your business.

Manage your gutters

First and foremost, manage your gutters; the simple cleaning of gutters can save you from blocked - and subsequently - burst pipes. This is a fix that you can do on your own - but is also something that you can hire a professional to carry out if you are short on time.

Drainage starts from the gutters and if they are in bad shape they could have an effect on the rest of your water systems. Worse yet, overflowing gutters could lead to damage to the business premises with there being a higher chance of flooding and leaking.

Keep on top of leaks

A leak is a burst pipe waiting to happen, so make sure that you’re keeping on top of monitoring your piping and catching leaks as soon as you can. When sewage and drainage systems are under added pressure through storms, any small issues can rapidly become bigger and bigger issues.

Have your business’ drainage systems seen-to regularly through professional servicing to make sure there are no developing issues. You can also use our Automatic Meter Reading device which detects abnormalities in consumption - which tend to be caused by leaks - to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Have help on speed dial

If the worst happens, and your water systems do become overwhelmed, you need to know who to call. Depending on the sector and the nature of water services that you work with, it may be an emergency plumber, or specialist wastewater system engineers.

You need to know your systems in order to know who needs to be called when things go wrong for a quick and effective response. Make sure you know who provides your water and if it’s a larger-scale incident, who is responsible for water in your local area.

Make sure wastewater systems are ready

Sub-par wastewater systems may be vulnerable to adverse weather conditions, which could lead to overwhelmed sewage. If your wastewater systems are already under pressure managing your wastewater, local authorities may deem the overflow your fault.

This has legal ramifications as well as an effect on your business’ reputation. It’s important to avoid this, especially with the emphasis on environmental responsibility in the commercial sector.

Better advice with Castle Water

If you are looking for more ways to keep your water and wastewater systems from being overwhelmed through storms, get in touch with our team today to ask about our range of services, including water efficiency audits.


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