Anyone running a business would welcome the chance to bring their bills down. Many businesses throughout the UK pay far too much for their business water bills. At Castle Water we know all too well, seeing new customers switch to us who can’t believe there are savings to be made when there’s a dedicated team at hand to see where bills can come down.

In this post, we’re going to be looking exclusively at how businesses can save money on water bills and some of Castle Water’s specialist services. Some of these tips may prove beneficial on the domestic level, so it's good for everyone to read through.

Know your meter

For businesses that have one installed, your meter is the main port of call when it comes to savings. If you read our blog post on water meter readings, you’ll know that you don’t actually own the water meter in your premises; the local water wholesaler (which looks after the local water network) does.

That’s why it helps to be familiar with your water meter, take monthly readings if you can safely do so yourself and submit them to your water retailer, and ensure the meter is working correctly. Read our tips on reading your water meter. Frequent changes can help you see if your meter is acting up or acting erratically. If you think your meter is acting up, and you’re a Castle Water customer, let us know right away by clicking here.

Don’t have a meter? Get one!

For those who don’t have a meter installed at your business premises, Castle Water recommends you have one installed by your water Wholesaler so that you can submit regular meter readings to ensure you only pay for the water you use.

If you are interested in getting a water meter installed and need more information, click here.

Shop around

It may seem a bit counter-intuitive for us to recommend, but new Castle Water customers are often surprised that they even have the option to choose their water supplier.

There are water retailers all over the UK, and it’s best to do your research online and see if certain retailers have processes in place to help you improve water efficiency and lower costs.

Compare your bills

No one likes looking at bills, nevertheless comparing your bills though is a good way of picking up on patterns, especially if you notice sharp seasonal increase year on year. This will help you learn if your business water bill is too high. It can sometimes be the case that a large, unaccountable bill increase can indicate a leak somewhere in your internal systems. Cases like these require the help of a local agent to come and check all your pipes and areas for signs of damp or unnoticed water damage.

See if you can recycle

Businesses can find themselves in a unique position where a rainy day fund literally comes from rain. Seek out measures like water capturing (i.e. catching and storing rainfall) and water recycling to lower the amount of water needed, and wastewater created.

Grey water recycling is another alternative to saving water. ‘Grey water’ is the wastewater from sinks and showers, dishwashers and washing machines, as well as rainwater collected from guttering. Instead of allowing it all to drain away, you can divert it to flush toilets and wash cars and pavements. This means you’ll also be paying less for the disposal of wastewater as well as clean water.

You can find more information on how to implement this on our water efficiency page.

Talk to Castle Water today

Castle Water is helping businesses across the UK make the switch and begin saving on business water bills.

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