Every business uses water in a unique way, but one certainty is the simple fact that for most businesses, when the water supply is disrupted, they can find daily operations will grind to a halt.

What is a sensitive site?

For some of our customers, water supply is business critical. A sensitive site is a business or organisation for which a reliable supply of water is business critical, or in other words, it cannot operate without water. Sensitive water supply customers include hospitals, hospitality venues, prisons, restaurants, leisure centers and schools.

What industries need emergency water?

Industries which would commonly need emergency water supply during an outage include:

Why would a business need an emergency water supply?

There are many reasons why a business or organisation would need an emergency water supply. The most common reasons include:

  • Burst mains water pipe
  • Local water network outage
  • Contamination of local water supply
  • Bottled water needed for consumption

How does Castle Water serve its sensitive customers?

If your premises have been identified as sensitive for the provision of water services, you will require special assistance in the event of an emergency or incident. To minimise the impact of any potential disruption to your water supply, it is vital we hold the correct emergency contact details for our sensitive accounts, so we can share these details with your Water Network Owner. These details will be used in the event of any disruption to the water supply and will allow alternative water provision to be made.

At Castle Water, our professional network of specialist water services means we can respond with the right expertise to meet the needs of our customers. When sudden water supply outages see sensitive customers in need of vital water supplies, We are ready to deliver for our customers.

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Emergency water delivered in 2 hours

In June 2019, a burst pipe at a water treatment works in the south-west of London saw 00,000 households and businesses suddenly with little or no water supply.

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What is water supply contingency planning?

When a water supply emergency or outage occurs, it can often be overwhelming and confusing. It’s difficult to know what has caused the interruption and how long it will be until your supply is restored.

With proper contingency planning, you'll know what will happen during an emergency and what your options are if you need much more, or less, water for temporary periods.

It generally falls into three steps:

  • A water audit will assess water usage to see how much would be needed in an emergency
  • A water plan is mapped out to detail what will happen in an emergency to ensure water supply
  • A water timeframe is established, so you know how long your business would have to wait based on your location and type of business to receive an emergency water supply

What is an emergency water supply?

An emergency water supply can come in many forms. At Castle Water, we can arrange quick delivery of:

  • emergency and wholesale bottled drinking water,
  • bulk water tankering,
  • storage tank and temporary supply infrastructure rental,
  • Aqube™ (single-use IBC),
  • water supply continuity and disaster recovery solutions, including assured response to water-critical sites.

Find out more about Castle Water's additional water services here.

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