Following the imposition of the recent lockdown in January 2021, many pubs and restaurants will be looking to dispose of out-of-date beer/cider.

The UK government have issued guidelines in relation to how this unsold stock should be disposed of, at the following link:

In the event that you have exhausted all other available avenues advised by the UK Government, you would need to apply to the appropriate Wholesaler for your licenced address for consent to dispose of the unsold stock into their system. Each Wholesaler has its own policy regarding applying for this consent.

Some Wholesalers are currently waiving fees for the submission of requests to discharge Beer/cider into their sewerage systems and have changed their application process accordingly.

The Wholesaler currently not charging for this service, but require a full consent application is:

The following Wholesalers are currently not charging for this service, and require an email be sent to their applicable address (detailed below) to request consent to discharge. The following details (Discharge address, contact details of the person responsible for discharge, Total volume to be discharged, & the proposed start date of discharge) are to be included in your email. For multiple sites, this may be done in the form of an Excel table:

South West Water has changed their process but there is still a fee chargeable to them.

  • Visit the South West Water website and from the drop down list select Disposal of beer and cider, from public houses, clubs, restaurants, and other similar establishments, for details of how they will process any disposal requests and the applicable charges.

The following Wholesalers are operating their usual consents process:

  • Anglian Water Ltd
  • Severn Trent Water Ltd
  • Northumbrian Water Group
  • Wessex Water

As such, any applications for the disposal of beer into these Wholesaler networks remain a chargeable service and will therefore be invoiced in accordance with the relevant Wholesaler’s published scheme of charges, plus an administration fee & VAT.

Please find out how to begin the initial process of applying for a short-term Trade Effluent Consent to these Wholesalers:

Please select “G03 Application” when filling out this page. Once you have filled this web form out, our dedicated TE Consents team will contact you with details of the correct application process.

In any event, you should not begin discharging Trade Effluent into the public sewer until you have received a valid discharge licence/ permission from the relevant Wholesaler.

It is a criminal offence under the Water Industry Act 1991 to make a Trade Effluent discharge to the public sewer without the permission of the appropriate sewerage undertaker.

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