In March we informed customers that we were no longer able to send our staff and contractors to read your meter in response to Government guidelines on slowing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping people safe.

Why meter readings are important

Meter reads are vitally important as they allow us to provide you with an accurate bill, rather than using an estimate based upon your average historical consumption. In the present economic climate, with many businesses being closed for significant periods of time, historical consumption is unlikely to provide an accurate representation of current usage.

The resumption of meter reading activities started on 1st June with an initial focus on external meters. Under current government advice, resumption of external meter reads is the safest way for our staff and contractors to be able to take meter reads for your business. Hopefully, sometime in the near future as government restrictions ease, our meter readers will be able to begin to focus on planning the resumption of internal meter reads, in line with government advice on social distancing at that time.

If you’ve ever wondered what a typical day at work involves for our meter readers, take a look at our Day in the Life of a... Meter Reader blog post.

Our meter readers will aim to read your internal meter as soon as government advice dictates it is safe to do so, but you can still submit your own meter readings periodically until our meter readers are allowed to resume internal meter reading duties. This is easy to do online at

Better still, for every meter reading you submit and which we use, Castle Water will donate £1 to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund. Castle Water is proud to partner with Save the Children and support their Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund helps give children caught up in emergencies access to safe, clean drinking water when they need it most. As you can imagine, the calls upon that Emergency Fund will be considerable at this time; together, let’s make a difference.

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How to read your meter

You should only attempt to read your meter if you are confident that the location is safely accessible, and that taking a reading is not considered to be a health and safety issue. Read our top tips for reading your meter for more details

Before you submit your meter reading, please have the following to hand:

  • Customer Account Number
  • Your Meter Serial Number
  • The date you took the meter reading

If you previously submitted a Temporary Closure form or a Reduced Consumption form, we ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to process these.

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We're here to help

Any questions? Then simply contact our friendly Customer Service Team here. We’re available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Many thanks for your help; together we can make a difference.

Finally, may we wish you well at this most difficult of times and hope that you stay safe.