When disaster strikes, water is life. Millions of children are being affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Many are trapped amid the violence and are at risk of injury, hunger and cold. Save the Children's Emergency Fund provides water, basic living amenities and support in these critical times of need.

Save the Children's Emergency Fund is supporting vulnerable children in the Ukraine crisis. The war on Ukraine has forced many children and families to flee their homes and seek shelter underground to escape airstrike attacks and shelling. Nobody should have to endure the violence and emotional distress of war - especially children. Many of whom are incredibly frightened and have been separated or lost loved ones.

According to the United Nations report, over 1.7 million Ukrainians have fled Russia's invasion for shelter and safety in neighboring countries like Poland, Romania, Hungary. Save the Children are working to ensure all refugees have essential living supplies, clothing and blankets and monetary grants to help with food, rent and  medicine.

7.5 million Ukraine children are now in danger

Save the Children and their partners in Poland, Romania, and Lithuania are urgently assessing what support children and families need, and continue to provide urgent, life-saving aid such as:

  • distributing clean drinking water and food
  • distributing winter kits and hygiene kits to families, including soap, washing powder, toothbrushes, warm clothes and blankets.
  • providing cash grants, so families can afford the basics like food, rent and medicines, or so they can invest in starting new businesses.
  • supporting specialist teams to make sure children can access safe, inclusive, quality education.
  • working with schools and community centres to create safe spaces for children and help children overcome the mental and psychological impacts of what they’ve experienced.
By supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, you are giving children and families in Ukraine immediate life-saving support, as well as protecting their futures. Thank you.

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Save the Children's Emergency Fund

Throughout Ukraine's eight years of conflict, Save the Children have helped support 2.9 million people who were already in need of humanitarian assistance.

Castle Water and its customers are helping to give children caught up in emergencies access to safe, clean drinking water when they need it most. With one in six children now living in conflict, and the number of natural disasters higher than ever before, Save the Children’s Emergency Fund has never been more crucial in responding on the ground to provide children with safe, clean water.

Photo credit: Camelia Iordache/Salvati Copiii (Save the Children) Romania.