Business water consumption can be much higher than that of domestic properties. Businesses often have an increased demand and due to the fluctuating water consumption your water bill may be higher or lower than anticipated. Unlike your home, it’s not as straightforward a solution to tighten up your usage. Some businesses, and in fact sectors, rely on water consumption, so it’s not that easy to cut back. However, there may be other ways to save water.

At Castle Water, we pride ourselves on our award winning customer services. So we have highlighted some of the water-saving devices that will help you cut down on water bills without necessarily having to curb your consumption.

Tap Aerators

Your tap will usually use more water than is actually needed. Slow down the stream of water without damaging the pressure by using a tap aerator, also called a tap nozzle.

It will help you save water and money every time you use it.  Aerators already save the domestic household upwards of £30 every year, so with higher consumption, it could save much more for businesses.

The nozzle will also reduce those 5 minutes of dripping when you turn the tap off, which adds up in the long run.

Aerators aren’t without their drawbacks; they take much longer to fill a sink for washing. So, while this may be ideal for an office, busy restaurants that need the sink filled fast for dishwashing may be better off without an aerator. Consider your small or large business operations when deciding if tap aerators are a good fit for your company.

Leak Detection Kits

Leak detection assistance can come in several forms, but generally speaking, they will alert you to leaks that can significantly impact your water bill.

A leaky toilet, for example, can waste up to 400 litres of water every single day which will be drastically increasing your water bills.

Simple yet effective water-saving gadgets will help you identify leaks in places like toilets; for instance, strips which will show if there is leaking when the toilet is unused.

If you spot a leak you should first contact a plumber to fix it. This will also help save a good amount of wasted money from your water bill.

Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) offers immediate and practical insight into water consumption. While you may not be able to curb your usage, having insight on tracking exactly how much your water bill will cost you will help you budget more effectively. View your latest bill to find your business water consumption and if you have any questions visit our helpful bill explainer.

AMR offers additional benefits as well, which includes leak detection. If there is an unexpected increase in water consumption the device will alert you to a possible leak, allowing you time to resolve a leak before it becomes a recurring issue or a potential burst pipe.

Castle Water’s AMR offers businesses an opportunity to effectively manage their bills in advance, so there’s no nasty surprises when the billing period comes along.

Manage Your Business Water Online

Castle Water customers can track their water usage through our online customer portal, MyAccount. MyAccount gives customers access to view their water meter and consumption data, submit meter readings, view account details and more. Even though MyAccount isn't technically classed as a 'water saving gadget', it is a helpful tool to better manage and monitor your business water consumption which will in turn help save more water.

How Can Castle Water Help You?

As well as the water-saving devices, we can help you with pragmatic guidance, having worked with thousands of businesses across the UK.

If you feel you would benefit from our water saving guidance and services, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team about switching to Castle Water. If you're interested, you can also read more about our services, including wastewater management & water efficiency audits.


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