The industry facts on water leaks are not good. In 2017-18, Water Network Owners lost around 3.1 billion litres of water per day due to leaks. That’s enough water to fill two bathtubs, per UK property, every day. That water is wasted through leaks and burst pipes in the Water Network Owners’ infrastructure.

Why are there so many leaks?

There are many reasons why water pipes leak. Some are old and have worn out through gradual corrosion, and others can get damaged by freezing weather. Ground movement, such as natural shifts in building foundations, can also put a strain on pipework.

What are the water networks doing about leaks?

Water Networks Owners do take leakage extremely seriously and spend millions every year to repair leaks and replace old pipes. There are also targets set by regulators to reduce the amount of leakage. But the leaks continue to make headlines, and many business owners may feel their own water efficiency measures are redundant in the face of such massive wastage.

The fact remains that your business will only pay for the water it uses. Businesses usually have one supply point for water and another for wastewater, and by regularly recording and reporting their water meter readings, their bills will be accurate to that business’s usage.

How Castle Water is supporting its customers

Castle Water, as your business water supplier, acts on behalf of our customers to purchase water services at competitive rates from the Water Network Owners. Since the market opened, we’ve reduced the annual water and wastewater charges paid by our customers by over £20 million.

We do this by challenging network owners to cut costs and by promoting water-saving efficiency strategies to our customers.

Through our network of industry leading partners, we can offer our customers a range of specialist added value water management services including Leak Detection & Repair.

It is the Water Network Owners responsibility to fix leaks in their network, and they have actually made some real progress in recent times. Leakage is down about a third from its 1994-95 high and going forward the companies have individual targets based on a sustainable economic level of leakage in their distribution network. If companies do not meet their leakage targets, the regulators will take action against them.

Businesses should strive to use their water as efficiently as they can to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Castle Water will always work hard on behalf of its customers to purchase the water that doesn’t leak for its customers, at the most competitive prices.