We’ve been listening to your queries and answering some of the most common ones our customer service teams get asked. In this week's blog - part of the  'Your Questions Answered' series - we addressed some of the more generic questions about Castle Water.

I've never heard of Castle Water - why are you my retailer?

There are many reasons why Castle Water is your retailer. If you didn’t choose to switch to Castle Water, your business may have transferred to us as part of a customer acquisition programme.

Since 2014, Castle Water has acquired the business customers of a handful of Wholesalers through-out the UK including; Portsmouth Water, South East Water and Thames Water. In Scotland, we also acquired the business customers of Cobalt Water.
These acquisitions meant that Castle Water took over all retail activities for your previous retailer and provides services such as meter reading, billing, payment collection and general customer services.

You can read more about this in our blog, ‘Why are you my retailer?’.

Can I speak with the advisor I spoke with last time?

Our customer service teams are all provided with the same training and any of our advisors will be able to deal with your query. Comprehensive notes are added to your account after every interaction you have with us so that all our advisors are fully briefed to help with any questions you have. If you need to speak with us about your account, please get in touch.


I'm having issues with my wholesaler, can I delay my payment to Castle Water until this is fixed?

In the majority of situations, Castle Water will continue to pay the wholesale charges related to your supply until a decision is made by the wholesaler to change the data that affects your charges. For example, where an application has been made in respect of a leak, Castle Water would require full payment, in line with your payment terms, until the value of any leak allowance was granted. Where a decision is made by the wholesaler to change the way you are charged, 100% of any refund due is passed straight back to you.

What are the terms & conditions of my account with Castle Water?

The terms and conditions that apply to your account with Castle Water will depend on the way you became a Castle Water customer.

For customers in England:

  • In cases where Castle Water supplies your water and/or wastewater services, but you have not entered into a fixed-term contract, these terms and conditions apply.
  • If you have entered into a contract with Castle Water, these terms and conditions will apply to your account and should be read in conjunction with the applicable quote or offer you agreed to.
  • For customers in Scotland:
  • Where Castle Water is your supplier, but you have not entered into a fixed-term agreement, your account with Castle Water will operate on the deemed contract scheme.
  • Where you have entered a contract with Castle Water, these terms and conditions will apply.

How is Castle Water regulated?

Castle Water Limited is regulated by Ofwat and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS). Customers can view Castle Water’s licences on the Ofwat and WICS websites.

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Ofwat – The economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales.

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