Save time and money with one simple bill

Sign up to receive all of your water services from Castle Water and we’ll give you £50 cashback.

Still paying separately for your business water and waste? You could be flushing your time and money down the drain. With Castle Water, combine water and waste to receive one simple bill – and save money in the process.

We can provide one simple bill for all consumption and charges, for all your meters, in one invoice including:

  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Trade Effluent
  • Drainage

Large and multi-site customers

If you have multiple business premises, we can also make life simpler with one consolidated bill and one set of payment terms for all sites.

This service is ideal for large, multi-meter and multi-site customers who wish to receive a single invoiced amount for all their water and wastewater charges, requiring just one single monthly payment.

Consolidated billing also makes it easy to manage your costs. It is easier to view and compare water usage over time and across different sites, helping you to identify irregular consumption levels and potential opportunities to improve water efficiency.

To find out more about consolidated billing, or to merge your water and sewerage accounts to Castle Water, please contact us at – or chat with an advisor online now.

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