Minimise your charges and spread out your payments if your business has been affected by COVID-19

We appreciate that current circumstances mean it is a difficult time for many businesses across the UK. Although regulations set by the Scottish Government mean that all water service charges are still payable in full, regardless of whether or not your premises is occupied, we are keen to pass on support to our customers that find themselves in financial distress due to COVID-19.

Scottish Government Guidelines

Government guidelines state that if a business ceases trading, whether temporarily or permanently, charges will continue up to the point that the business no longer has a legal right to occupy the property. At this point, Castle Water would be required to issue a final bill which would include charges up to the move-out date. After this bill, either the landlord or the property owner would be liable.

Permanent closure

If you have had to permanently close your business due to COVID-19, please complete our Move Out form. Find out more information on Castle Water's COVID-19 Repayment Scheme here.

We want to help

We want to support you in keeping your water bills as accurate and as manageable as possible.

Payment support options

We can offer a range of payment support options including:

  • Temporary invoicing schedule and frequency changes
  • Extended payment terms
  • Extended payment plans

To discuss, please contact us on 01250 718700 and select business in Scotland or email

Wholesale Charge Deferral Schemes

Following the 2020 Wholesale Charges Deferral Scheme, a new scheme is now available for small and medium-sized businesses in Scotland impacted by the COVID-19 crisis as they return to normal activities.  If your Supply Point has a maximum meter size of 25mm, unmeasured services or surface drainage charges only, you may be eligible for this support.

Under the scheme, you can enjoy extended payment terms by deferring up to 100% of the wholesale element of your charges from May 2021 to 31 March 2022.  The accrued balance must be paid by 31 March 2023.

Rather than making payments as and when you can, if you agree a payment plan with us you will not receive any late payment charges or interest as long as the planned payments are maintained.

As before, Castle Water will match all the conditions of the WICS scheme, but without asking Scottish Water to defer our wholesale charges.  This allows us further flexibility to find a suitable payment plan for each customer, while ensuring that Scottish Water are fully protected.

Go paperless

Choose paperless billing for all of your bills. Start saving time and money - pay online! Enjoy fast and secure email invoicing and reduce your carbon footprint. We’re sure you’ll love the benefits of paperless billing, but if not, you can easily switch back to paper bills anytime you like.

Paperless Billing

Please be advised, if we receive returned mail from your premises and have an email address for your account, we will automatically send future correspondence via email to ensure that you receive this - even while your premises may be closed.

Monthly Direct Debit

Paying by Direct Debit helps you to manage your payments conveniently, fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.  By setting up a Direct Debit, you may be eligible for discounted pricing.

Sign up to Direct Debit

Metered Customers

If you have a water meter, the calculation of charges on your bill will be based on your previous meter readings. This means charges are calculated for each month based on your average daily consumption.

Although you can reduce your water usage, your bills may not be reduced for several months if we don't have an up-to-date reading, and due to current circumstances, we are currently unable to take meter readings on your behalf.

To assist us with this and ensure your bill is as accurate as possible, you can take two meter readings yourself, 1 month apart, and submit them to us (submit each reading on the day you take them).

Once you have provided your second reading, please email with your account number so we can recalculate your bill.

Submit a meter reading

Find out more about water meters

Contact details

Our customer services are available Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm. Call 01250 718700 or email

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