My business is still closed; why are you charging me from 1 August?

Ofwat has decided that water charges are payable from 1 August by all customers who temporarily closed during the lockdown, even if you haven’t reopened or business hasn’t returned to normal. 31 July is the latest date Ofwat permits us to treat you as having been closed.

From 1 August, your charges can be reduced if your premises is “vacant”, but not just closed. It’s vacant if, among other criteria, there is no stock or furniture in the building.

If your water consumption has reduced, send us meter readings which we will use when we calculate your next bill.

I have submitted my Temporary Closure Form. What happens now?

We’ll update your account and update your Wholesaler to ensure charges are stopped. We’ll then send you a final bill up to the date you closed. If you normally pay by Direct Debit, we will collect the total balance of your final bill. If you have overpaid, a refund will be arranged as soon as possible.

Many of our customers have temporarily closed and reopened in recent months so it’s taking us longer than normal to process things. Thank you for your patience. If your supply is metered please provide a meter reading here.

My business closed before 25 March 2020. Why can I only reclaim back to that date?

Ofwat only allow temporary closures associated with Covid-19 for the period 25 March to 31 July 2020. Charges will be due before and after this period even if your business was or still is closed.

My business was closed due to Covid-19. Why have you applied a Late Payment Charge?

If you have completed our Temporary Closure Form to let us know you were closed but we haven’t yet updated your account and bills, we will review the Late Payment Charge. If the charge relates to a bill for the period you were closed and using no water, the bill and the Late Payment Charge will be cancelled. Many of our customers have temporarily closed and reopened in recent months so it’s taking us longer than normal to process things but we will get to your account.

You are still due to pay for water charges up to the date your business closed and after it reopened. It’s important that there is sufficient funding for the provision of a safe and clean water supply and if your payment is late you may incur Late Payment Charges and interest.

Will I still be charged if any water was used whilst my business premises has been closed?

If your premises is metered, any consumption recorded on the meter while you were closed will be subject to charges in line with Ofwat requirements.

I submitted a Temporary Closure form weeks ago. Why haven’t I heard anything back?

We have received a large number of temporary closure forms and therefore ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to process these.

I am still being charged even though I submitted a Temporary Closure form. Why?

Whilst we work through the Temporary Closure forms and until we can process yours, you will find that your Direct Debit payments are still being taken each month. If we identify that you have overpaid, on updating your account, a refund will be arranged as soon as possible. If you’re struggling to pay your normal fixed Direct Debit, please email

Will I be able to get a refund for the period my business was closed?

When we process your temporary closure form, a refund will be arranged if you have overpaid.

I submitted a Temporary Closure Form but now I’m ready to re-open. What should I do?

If you are ready to re-open or have already re-opened your business premises, please let us know at Please provide meter reads on this form if your premises is metered to ensure we can provide you with a new bill that’s as accurate as possible.

My business has been open during COVID-19 but on reduced hours and I am struggling to pay. What can I do?

If your premises have been temporarily closed during the lockdown and/or you are struggling to pay because of the effects of Covid-19 on your business, please let us know by applying for our Repayment Scheme. It’s important that there is sufficient funding to provide a clean, safe water supply but you may be able to spread out payments.

My business will be closing permanently. What do I need to do?

If you will not be re-opening your business, please let us know by completing a Move Out form at Let us know on the form when you first closed your business and the date you moved out permanently.

Go to Temporary Closure Form.