Refund Request Form

If your account is in credit, use this form to request a refund of the credit balance.

Alternatively, the credit will remain on your account pending your next bill.

The fastest way for us to process your refund is by bank transfer.

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Refund details
Do you pay by Direct Debit?
How would you like your refund? If you pay by Direct Debit, we will refund your credit directly to the bank account we take your payment from.
Bank Transfer
If you would like a bank transfer, please provide the bank details below. Note: we will carry out security checks to ensure the refund is transferred to the correct account.
Cheque Refund
If you would prefer to receive your refund by cheque, please confirm:
I confirm I am authorised to make this request *
I understand that Castle Water will carry out security checks and may request more information and/or a letter of authority before refunding the credit balance on the account. *

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