If your supply is currently unmetered, you can ask for a meter. The wholesaler will first assess whether it is possible to fit a meter.

Request this service if the private pipework at your premises has been altered, split, or merged and you believe it is now possible to fit a meter to measure all water consumption.

Don’t use this form if your supply is already metered.

  1. If you need a like-for-like meter replacement or repair, please use the Request for Meter Repair or Replacement form.
  2. If the meter needs to be relocated - please use the Request for change of meter location form.
  3. If the meter size or model needs to be changed - please use the Request for a different meter size or model form.

To request a meter, complete the form below. We will use the information you provide to make a request to the Wholesaler on your behalf and will contact you if we or the Wholesaler need any more details.

We will share your details with the Wholesaler so they can contact you to arrange a time for the survey and required work.

This form asks you to agree to pay charges related to this request which may be incurred in certain circumstances. Click here for more information on potential charges.

Your details
First name*
Telephone number for someone who can meet the Wholesaler on site (if different)
Company Name*
Customer account number* (found on invoice)
SPID (Supply Point Identification No. - found on invoice)*
Meter Details
Small and medium sized businesses (for example, a single premises with a water supply for general commercial use) will typically require a 15mm meter. If you are unsure, please leave blank.
Model of meter to be installed (if known)
Proposed location of the new meter
Description of proposed location
Any additional information
Please attach any supporting documents or photos
Best time for site visit
Confirmation * I confirm that the information provided on this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I am authorised to provide this information.
I understand that on submitting this request, I will accept liability for any Wholesale Charges and/or Admin charges which may occur as a result of the proposed changes not being required.* * I understand that Wholesaler and Administration charges may apply in line with Castle Water’s Scheme of Charges and the Wholesaler Tariff Document, and I agree to pay these charges if incurred.*

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