Have you been transferred to Castle Water in error?

Castle Water supplies business customers across the UK. If we are billing you for the water and wastewater supply to your home and you do not run a business from that address, your account may have been transferred to us from Thames Water in error.

Please note: Household premises are those in which a person has their home. If part of the premises is used for a business, the premises will sometimes be considered as a household if the principal use is as a home.

If you are a household customer, please fill in your details below and we will check that your account is registered correctly.

We may need to contact you before we ask Thames Water to review your account. They will check if your account has been correctly transferred, and if not, will arrange for a transfer back to them.

Is there any part of your household premises that is used for business purposes?

If possible, please attach a scanned copy of your latest council tax bill.

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