Charities are now able to apply for the Scottish Government scheme for exemption from water charges from 2015 onwards. Castle Water will administer the scheme for those of its customers which qualify, and application forms for the scheme can be accessed here together with scheme details and FAQs here

Completed applications should be sent to Castle Water at If you have any queries, please complete our online enquiry form, email us or call us on 01250 833101. We will review all forms before submission to Scottish Water, and check that they have been properly completed.

Castle Water will only charge a supplier margin on non-exempt portions of water bills. For example, charities with between £200-300,000 of revenue are exempted only from 50% of the wholesale charges component of their bills. Castle Water commits to only apply a supplier margin in respect of non-exempt elements of bills.

For charities with revenue of over £300,000 which are not exempt from charges, Castle Water can offer special discounts, flexible contract lengths, and alternative payment methods.


Charities Exemption scheme 2015 Application Form

Exemption Scheme Details and FAQs updated