Castle Water is celebrating the transition of over 50,000 Supply Points from quarterly to monthly billing. The company, which acquired the business customers of Thames Water, has successfully delivered this service in the relatively short period since the water market opened in April 2017.

This is very positive news for Castle Water as the UK’s leading, independent water retailer, and for the hundreds of thousands of businesses, charities, and public bodies the company now supplies.

Many customers, including national groups are already familiar with receiving monthly bills for most services, including utilities. Now an additional 32,000 Key Account customers can enjoy similar monthly invoicing arrangements with Castle Water. This news follows on from the successful launch of Castle Water’s state-of-the-art Trade Effluent Invoicing Programme (TEIP). Our new billing system enables us to accurately invoice over 3,000 complex customers, including those with heavy manufacturing and industrial sites across England. It’s clear that our growing suite of billing options is proving valuable to our growing customer base. We’ll continue to develop and tailor our services to meet our customers’ needs today and into the future.

Castle’s Commercial Director, Gary Hinks

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