Castle Water, the UK’s leading independent business water retailer, attended the National finals of the Business Fives charity football tournament in Glasgow.

Team Castle Water have been fundraising and playing for their chosen charity: Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia (TCCL).

After winning the Business Fives Europa League trophy, last month at Soccerworld in Dundee, Team Castle Water qualified to the Business Fives National finals. Winning the Europa League trophy meant Team Castle Water received an additional £150 donation towards their charity, TCCL. This will be added to the funds already raised by the team.

Events of the day

Team Castle Water was led by captain Stephen Dixon and made up of employees Kade Campbell, David Caldwell, Brandon Calderwood, Stefan Law, Alistair McLaren, Robbie Pol, and Blair Kinmont.

The opening group game began with the Castle Water against Mears Group. A close match resulted in a draw 2-2; thanks to Robbie Pol and Brandon Calderwood scoring for Castle Water. The next opponents for Castle Water were AGR Recruitment. A tough second match saw Team Castle Water defeated, with only Blair Kinmont managing to score 1 goal for the team.

After playing the initial 2 matches, the opening group section concluded – Team Castle Water scored a total of 1 overall point that placed the team in Group B.

The next section Group B kicked off, with Team Castle Water back up against Mears Group followed by SKY. Mears Group narrowed their victory with the game ending 3-2; once more both goals for Castle Water were scored from Robbie Pol and Brandon Calderwood. The second Group B match saw Castle Water versus SKY. Brandon Calderwood had struck early to put Castle Water in the lead. However, SKY made a comeback scoring a draw. In the final 30 seconds Team Castle Water conceded a match goal leaving SKY winning 2-1.

Finally the team were up against Forth Capital. For Team Castle Water, Stefan Law scored a hat-trick accompanied by a Brandon Calderwood brace. The team played well but finished 5-8, with Forth Capital remaining victorious.

The event concluded with the prizegiving and the man of many clubs and Scotland international Kenny Miller – delivering a Q&A session for the teams.

The team had a fantastic experience at the event, all whilst raising money for a tremendous cause.

Raising funds for Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia

A special thanks to everyone who has donated via the GoFundMe page helping the team raise funds for TCCL. So far, the team has raised £145, bringing the total to £295 with the addition of the winning donation.

TCCL supports all children and young people under 18 years old, who are diagnosed with any type of cancer or leukaemia and who live in Tayside or Northeast Fife, from diagnosis till 3 years after the completion of their treatment. The charity has been providing quality support to families with children who suffer from Cancer or Leukaemia in Tayside and Northeast Fife since its founding in 1994.

The diagnosis of Cancer or Leukaemia in a child causes tremendous stress for families who struggle physically, emotionally, and financially with the intensive, intrusive treatment regime and the inevitable disruption it brings to family life. For further information about TCCL and the work they do, visit

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Team Castle Water at the National Finals of the Business Fives