Castle Water, the UK’s leading independent business water retailer, servicing more than 350,000 business customers, has auto-enrolled customers in Scotland to paperless billing.

In a move to make billing faster and easier for customers, Castle Water is rolling out paperless billing, also known as e-billing to customers in England and Scotland.

On Monday 1st March, Castle Water auto-enrolled thousands of eligible customers in Scotland to paperless billing, following a robust series of postal and email communications that informed customers of the change, how they could update e-billing details, and how to opt-out to remain with postal billing. Customers not eligible for auto-enrollment were invited to opt-in to paperless billing online. The roll-out has proved successful, with 90% of Castle Water customers in Scotland now on paperless billing.

David Bain, Director of Digital and Marketing for Castle Water said, "Like many of our customers, we’ve been making changes to become more sustainable and minimise our impact on the environment. Paperless billing gives our customers a fast, reliable and eco-friendly way of billing, that removes the delays often associated with postal delivery.

"We've invested significantly in our online customer portal, MyAccount, to give our customers more control over their account and help them to understand their water use to become more sustainable and reduce costs. Castle Water customers in England and Scotland can already choose to opt-in to paperless billing on the 'Premises' tab on MyAccount.

Following a major update in December 2021, Castle Water rolled-out MyAccount to customers in Scotland, meaning it is now available to all Castle Water customers. As well as being able to opt-in to paperless billing, customers can login to MyAccount to view and pay bills, see account balances, submit meter readings, check account transactions, view consumption data, update account details and use the interactive map to find their water meter.

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