Castle Water is thanking loyal customers for contributing to a further £60,000 donation to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund – helping to save children’s lives.

The timing of this latest donation could not be more poignant following the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Idai which ripped through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe killing hundreds of people and affecting hundreds of thousands more.

Save the Children was one of the first aid agencies to be on the ground to help. As the rains continue to fall, fears are growing for more than 100,000 children and adults whose lives are at immediate risk. As water systems become contaminated, there is increased likelihood of an outbreak of waterborne diseases like cholera, which if left untreated, can be fatal. People are living without water, food, shelter and healthcare need urgent assistance and that’s where the Emergency Fund is so vital.

Children are often the hardest hit during an emergency and Save the Children’s emergency fund helps deliver vital humanitarian aid to children affected by crisis & natural disaster. Customers are continuing to help raise funds by opting for a Castle Water donation when agreeing to pay their bills by Direct Debit.

Castle Water CEO, John Reynolds OBE, was pleased to present the cheque to Sayyeda Salam, Save the Children’s Director of Partnerships and Philanthropy, at the recent Castle Water Conference.

John explains: “Castle Water gives customers signing up to Direct Debit the option of a £50 donation to Save the Children, £50 account credit, or a £50 Amazon voucher. We are very grateful to those customers who have helped us to raise funds for Save the Children in this way. By working together, we can help Save the Children support children in emergencies and humanitarian disasters by providing access to safe, clean water.”

On receiving the cheque, Sayyeda Salam said: “This is a generous and vital donation to the Save the Children Emergency Fund and will help us to continue delivering life saving aid to children affected by crisis and natural disaster. We are currently distributing essential supplies and relief items to support children and families who have been affected. These include buckets, jerry cans and water purification tablets so families can access clean, safe drinking water. Hygiene kits are also vital in helping keep families clean and to stop the spread of deadly diseases. Our sincere thanks go to Castle Water and your generous customers for helping us to continue in this vital work."

Customers wishing to pay by Direct Debit can apply online at

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Photo courtesy of Ali Ashwal, Save the Children

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