Castle Water is already saving customers an estimated £325,000 from their annual water bills, as well as having handed back £320,000 in cashback incentives to small businesses for switching to direct debit or consolidating their billing, and raising £20,000 for Save the Children’s Emergency Fund.

The new English market for non-domestic water retail services commenced on 1 April 2017, and Castle Water is now the UK’s largest independent water retailer, supplying customers from Portsmouth to Lerwick. Castle Water transferred a number of public sector sites in early 2018 throughout England, including NHS Trusts.

Customers want to pay the lowest price possible for their water supply. Castle Water is finding new ways to bring savings to thousands of customers and is already delivering benefits of over £600,000. These are real savings against what would have been paid in the past. We are especially pleased to be able to save thousands of pounds for a number of NHS Trusts.

Castle Water CEO, John Reynolds OBE

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