Customers are being encouraged to submit meter readings following COVID-19 restrictions

Check Your Meters campaign

As part of a push to encourage customers to submit meter readings for their business premises, Castle Water has launched a brand new campaign - 'Check your Meters'.

Customers who have not submitted a meter reading since closing or reopening their business, following COVID-19 restrictions, may find that their bill does not reflect their water usage.

Submitting a meter reading online will ensure future bills are as accurate as possible PLUS for every reading customers provide, Castle Water will donate £1 to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund*. Find out more.

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Under normal circumstances, Castle Water would aim to read customers' meter twice per year however, with the previous COVID-19 restrictions this has been challenging and as many businesses have been operating out of the norm, it makes sense to submit meter readings more often.

With up-to-date meter readings, we can ensure bills are calculated to reflect customers' actual usage.

Have you been or are you still working from home? Are you operating with a reduced workforce? Or maybe you're still closed?

All of these things mean your consumption will have changed since COVID-19 restrictions came in to play, and as your charges are calculated based on your meter reading history, your bill may be higher than it should be.

With many businesses operating out of the norm, it makes sense to submit meter readings more often. With up-to-date reads, we can recalculate your charges based on your current usage, and make sure you’re only paying for the water you use.

Before reading a meter

Customers should only attempt to read a meter if confident that the location is safely accessible, and that taking a reading is not considered to be a health and safety issue. Read our top tips for reading your meter at

Before you submit your meter reading, please have the following to hand:

  • Your customer account number.
  • Your meter serial number.
  • The date you took the meter reading.
*Save the Children Fund is a charity registered in England & Wales (213890) and Scotland (SC039570) and a registered company limited by guarantee (Company No. 178159).