Castle Water is offering their existing business water customers in England the opportunity to take more control than ever before over how they pay for their water, with an innovative Pay as You Go arrangement.

PAYG is available for existing Castle Water customers in England with premises in the Thames Water, South East Water and Portsmouth Water areas.

Customers can sign up online for a PAYG account in just a few clicks at if they have a metered supply. Customers can create a bill anywhere between 30 and 90 days after their last invoice date, and can choose between using their own meter reading or asking Castle Water to read their meter.

PAYG accounts are not currently available to customers with an unmetered supply, who require trade effluent services, or who have previously signed up to a cashback agreement with Castle Water.

Click here to find out more about PAYG accounts and apply online.

As well as providing 4-star Trust Pilot rated customer service, Castle Water offers customers a range of benefits, including cashback offers, and customer referral programmes.

Terms and conditions apply.