Castle Water has launched a new partnership with Save the Children to help provide children in emergencies with access to safe, clean water.

Castle Water, now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of water to business customers, is supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund which allows the charity to respond to emergencies as soon as disaster strikes.

Crises are more frequent, last longer and affect more people than ever before. There are now twice as many natural disasters as there were 20 years ago and in 2015 alone almost 100 million people were caught up in disasters such as earthquakes and flooding. Climate change is an increasingly dangerous catalyst for natural disasters, risking millions of children's lives every year.

Children are often the hardest hit during an emergency so by supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, Castle Water will enable the charity to act fast to save children’s lives. Save the Children is on the front line doing whatever it takes to support children and their families when an emergency strikes and has reached millions of children in their darkest hour.

Castle Water has committed to raising £100,000 for Save the Children’s Emergency Fund and will also proudly be supporting Save the Children’s biggest fundraising campaign Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 15th December.

John Reynolds, Castle Water CEO and long-standing supporter of Save the Children, said: “As the UK’s largest independent water retailer and with connections to hundreds of thousands of business customers nationally, Castle Water has both the size and scale to support the drive for change and to help provide children in emergencies access to safe, clean water.

“We want to build an enduring partnership with Save the Children so that we can help communities both at home and abroad, when they need it most. We hope our collaboration with Save the Children will not only raise much-needed funds, but will also engage with new audiences, provide opportunities to inspire people to support Save the Children and to help to deliver lasting change."

Sayyeda Salam, Save the Children’s Director of Partnerships and Philanthropy, said: “We’re so grateful to Castle Water for their generous support of our much-needed Emergency Fund. Castle Water’s support will enable us to respond as soon as an emergency strikes, providing children with safe, clean water and the care they and their families need. It is through partnerships like this that we can make the biggest impact for the world’s most vulnerable children and ultimately save lives.”

For more information about Save the Children’s Emergency Fund visit: