Every day, we work with customers to help them cut their business costs and become more sustainable by reducing water waste. This week, we’re also joining other organisations and communities across the country in promoting Scotland’s Climate Week 2019 from 7 to 13 October.

Even the smallest behaviour change can help make a difference, both at work and at home.

Read our Water Efficiency Guide for advice on how to help save water at work, and why not follow these top tips to help reduce our impact on the environment in other ways too:

  • Active travel – whether it’s walking or cycling to work, using public transport on the commute, taking advantage of cycle to work and car sharing schemes or using more eco-friendly modes of transport, these methods all help to reduce the number of petrol and diesel cars on the road.
  • Food waste – don't let your food turn bad – if you can’t use it, recycle it. More tips can be found here.
  • Eat local, in-season food – find out what foods are in season and get inspired in the kitchen.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle – reduce what packaging or single use plastic you use, recycle paper and plastics, and share or buy second-hand items instead of new. Get tips here.
  • Have a climate conversationorganise a discussion with colleagues, your family or in your community to discuss climate change facts, the causes and effects of climate change and how you could work together to be more eco-friendly.

Visit greenerscotland.org for more information and tips on how you can help tackle climate change. Or search #ScotClimateWeek to find out more and use the hashtag to join the conversation.

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