A message to our business water customers from South East Water

As temperatures climb, so does demand for water. With the continued hot weather across the South East, combined with very little rainfall, demand for water is exceptionally high.

Our daily water demand graph highlights the millions of additional litres of water we're treating, pumping and supplying each day.

We've asked our household customers to be more mindful of their water use during this recent hot spell, and now we’re asking you, our non-household customers, to do the same.

The main thing you could do to help is to try and reduce your water use by 10% over the next ten days, especially during our daily peaks of 7.30 to 10 both morning and evening.

Small changes make a big difference, for example:

  • Check for leaks on toilets, taps and urinals. Even a small constant dribble can waste up to 400 litres a day.
  • Educate your employees on being more water efficient – from turning off taps to using the small flush, there’s actions we can all take to save water
  • Delay any non-critical water use until the temperatures start to fall
  • Order some water-saving freebies

Taking these simple steps will help us keep taps flowing this summer – for you, and the rest of our 2.3 million customers across south east England.

For more top water saving tips, visit our non-household website.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on our website for daily updates.

For more information read our latest blog post, Water efficiency for businesses during a heatwave.