Business customers are being asked to use water wisely, in order to help maintain supplies throughout the continuing dry spell.

For updates on water supply issues in your area, please visit our dedicated page here.

Following a sustained period of dry weather without any significant rainfall, water demand has increased significantly across the UK. With the current dry weather conditions forecast to continue, water network owners are encouraging consumers to use water wisely.

Across England and Scotland, water network owners are monitoring usage and managing supplies to ensure there is no interruption to service. However, customers are being asked to consider ways of reducing their water usage where possible to lessen demand and minimise the risk of potential water shortages.

Steps businesses can take to use water more efficiently include:

  • Using a watering can rather than a hose to water plants
  • Using a bucket rather than a hose to wash vehicles; only washing windscreens/lights instead of the whole vehicle
  • Turning off taps whenever possible
  • Using washing machines and dishwashers fully loaded
  • Putting cooled drinking water in the fridge rather than running the tap
  • Using a water dispenser for cool drinks instead of running the tap

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