A message to our business water customers from Portsmouth Water

We are experiencing exceptionally high-water demand in the Chichester and surrounding area due to the prolonged hot weather alongside some operational issues at our Water Treatment Works. This is putting strain on the network and could leave some customers with low water pressure over the next few days.

We are working hard to maintain supplies but need your help by asking if you could reduce the amount of water you use.

We can use less water by following some simple water saving tips such as:

  • Putting away hosepipes and turning off garden sprinkling systems
  • Avoid washing cars
  • Reuse water where possible

More water saving tips can be found at www.watersworthsaving.org.uk

Thank you for your help and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

For more information read our latest blog post, Water efficiency for businesses during a heatwave.