Castle Water quarterly customer services update – delivering an improved water market

  • Change proposal approved to improve the non-household (NHH) water market, benefiting all customers
  • Castle Water’s customer service is recognised through a further increase in Trust Pilot score, to 4.5 out of 5.
  • 64,840 calls answered in an average time of under 90 seconds. Over 96% of calls answered in under 5 minutes
  • Successful water invoice clinic held in central London – the next event will be in January for customers to discuss any invoicing issues, or how to improve water usage, face to face with Castle Water’s specialist teams

Castle Water continues to focus on continuous improvement to customer services, at the same time as increasing pressure to reform the non-household market.

Starting this quarter, all customers who contact Castle Water will be offered the opportunity to complete a short survey, to help us highlight any areas where we can further improve performance.

Castle Water’s proposed change to the Codes to allow bulk submission of data change requests is now agreed by the Codes Panel, enabling bulk submission of changes requests to Wholesalers – this will significantly improve the efficiency of achieving key changes to date including meter repairs and de-registrations. Castle Water has proposed a further change, to be able to step in where a Wholesaler fails to carry out meter repairs within the SLA in the Codes – we see this as an important improvement for customers and hope it will be approved by the Codes Panel at the end of October.

John Reynolds OBE, CEO of Castle Water said:

“Castle Water is continuously looking for ways to improve our performance and the overall market for customers. We have found it hard work to bring about necessary changes to the market against a high level of inertia from the water industry and are pleased that we have been successful with the change proposal to allow bulk uploads of essential requests to Wholesalers. All NHH customers will be able to benefit from this.”

Mary Haviland, Head of Customer services added:

“Castle Water is continuing to benefit from investments in systems and training over the past year, with high levels of first-time resolution of customer queries . We are excited about introducing customer satisfaction surveys for all customers, which will help us further improve customer service.”