Stoltman brothers take 2nd and 3rd place on world stage in Dubai

For the first time, Castle Water-sponsored strength athletes, Luke and Tom Stoltman have placed on the world podium at the same time. Luke (35) placed second while younger brother Tom (25) took third place at the World’s Ultimate Strongman 2019 competition at the Meydan Grandstand in Dubai.

During the competition, Tom Stoltman was delighted to retain his position as ‘King of Stones’ achieving a phenomenal new world record. Advertised as the longest stone run in strongman history, Tom lifted all ten Atlas stones in just 40.7 seconds - 24 seconds faster than the next best competitor.

The brothers were up against a formidable field of contenders this year including 2018 winner, Hafthor Bjornsson, famed for playing The Mountain on ‘Game of Thrones’. Bjornsson had hoped to retain his title while competing against 19 other challengers from 15 countries, including four-times World’s Strongest Man champion, Brian Shaw from the USA. In the end, however, and with just five points in it, Luke was edged out of the title spot by Polish strongman, Mateusz Kieliszkowski.

World’s Ultimate Strongman is an annual challenge where athletes from around the world compete on the basis of strength and speed. Strategy and stamina are key to success in the event schedule which includes:

  • A 30-meter vehicle pull, the truck weighing 23 tonnes.
  • A head-to-head dead log press for reps (180kg)
  • A 15-metre yoke run weighing 300kg
  • A 15-metre WUS shield carry (15m)
  • An Atlas Stone Run comprising 10 stones, weighing from 100 to 200kg

On returning to Scotland following his achievement, Luke Stoltman said: “Tom and I are absolutely delighted with our performance in Dubai. We were up against the very best in the world and to take second and third place is just phenomenal.

We both trained hard, following a disciplined regime and diet to build our strength and stamina. The hard work paid off and success at World’s Ultimate Strongman is a great way to end 2019 - a sign of things to come for 2020!”

While the World’s Strongest Man and Arnold Strongman Classic are considered the top shows in the sport of Strongman, the World’s Ultimate Strongman contest is now considered by some in the sport to be a third “major” title in the making.

Following on their success in Dubai, Luke and Tom have now been invited to attend and take part in the Arnold Sports Festival in Australia in March. Before this, however, the Stoltman brothers will compete in Britain’s Strongest Man competition at Sheffield’s Fly-DSA Arena on 18 January 2019.