As well as supporting the launch of Save the Children’s global Coronavirus Appeal, Castle Water’s donations to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund has further supported 19 new emergencies, such as Cyclone Amphan which hit India and Bangladesh just two weeks ago.

The Emergency Fund has been crucial to Save the Children adapting all of their current responses, as children’s access to clean water couldn’t be more important during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Below is a message from Save the Children ambassador Natasha Kaplinsky, who wanted to thank Castle Water staff and customers who have supported Save the Children’s emergency work during the Coronavirus Appeal.

Emergency Fund: Protecting Children's Futures

As the world experiences a collective crisis on an unprecedented scale, children are facing multiple threats to their survival, safety, and wellbeing.

Yet even as the COVID-19 pandemic separates them from family and friends, disrupts their learning, and jeopardises their safety, children are showing extraordinary resilience and bravery.

While the virus spreads across the globe, many children and communities are already fighting for survival in the face of other disasters. In sub-Saharan Africa, ongoing drought is causing rising rates of malnutrition among children. In countries affected by conflict, children still need urgent protection. And environmental disasters continue to pose a deadly threat.

In a time of monumental challenges, you have helped to give children a lifeline. Thanks to your support for the Emergency Fund, we can act fast to reach children in crisis with the essentials they need to survive, stay safe and continue learning.

No matter where they are or what is happening around them, we are dedicated to making sure all children have the freedom to flourish. You help make this possible. Thank you.

Click here to donate to Save the Children's Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

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