It’s Water Saving Week 2018!

We are supporting Water Saving Week, a campaign by Waterwise to encourage businesses and householders to use less water.

All this week businesses, charities and water industry bodies around the UK are talking water!

Water is an important resource and it’s vital that we all do our bit to look after it. We want to remind our customers why it’s good to save water.

Should your business save water?

Not only is wasting water bad for the environment, it’s bad for your back pocket too. Water costs are rising and there is a greater demand on our water supply due to growing population, climate change and changing requirements.

Business water usage also has an impact on the amount of energy your business consumes and thereby increasing your carbon footprint. According to Waterwise:

“Our use of water and energy are closely linked. Operational emissions from the water industry account for nearly 1% of the UK’s total.”

Encourage your employees to consider their water usage

Follow our top tips for saving water in the workplace and not only will you reduce your water usage, but you will save money on your bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Did you know a running tap wastes approximately 6 litres of water per minute?

Instead of leaving the tap running, you can;

  • Keep a jug of cooled drinking water in the fridge
  • Encourage employees to fill the sink when washing dishes
  • Use the plug for hand-washing

Did you know 2/3 people will boil more water than they need?

  • Encourage employees not to overfill the kettle if they are only making one drink

A leaky loo can waste around 400 litres per day on average and each one could cost you an additional £300 per year on your water bill.

  • A quick audit of your business premise will uncover any leaking taps or toilets
  • Contact a Water Safe plumber to fix any identified leaks

What are your top tips for saving water in the workplace? Let us know at @CastleWaterLtd and #WaterSavingWeek

Find out how we can help your business to save water and money.