Stopping the War on Children: One of the greatest moral challenges of our time.

Working in partnership, Castle Water and Save the Children are helping to give children caught up in emergencies access to safe, clean drinking water.

This summer, we joined Save the Children in marking their centenary year and are also helping to raise awareness of the charity’s ‘Stop the War on Children’ campaign. This asks for urgent action be taken to protect children from conflict.

Millions of children are battling through conflicts started by adults. Save the Children is driving collaboration and action worldwide to ensure that no child living in a war zone is deprived of the two things that every parent wants for their child: protection and hope.

"Turning a blind eye to one of the greatest moral challenges facing our generation is not an option. Children have a right to expect our best efforts.”
- Save the Children CEO, Kevin Watkins

Achieving this requires a world in which those responsible for harming children are held to account, and in which every government and armed group acts on its international obligations to protect children. Save the Children is asking communities worldwide to:

  • Reassert the international rule of law
  • Demand accountability for crimes against children
  • Support children’s recovery

In driving change, children’s voices must be heard. Video is just one way that Save the Children can help young people tell their story.

Hear about Razan (8) who was blinded by shrapnel in Yemen - or Wazir (10) who survived the violent ethnic cleansing and mass human exodus from Myanmar to Bangladesh where Cox’s Bazar became the world’s largest refugee settlement.

Hear 8-year-old Razan’s story

Hear 10-year-old Wazir’s story

“To act, even if you change the life of one person, makes a difference.” 
- Tariq Mahmood Ahmad, Baron Ahmad of Wimbledon, British businessman and Conservative life peer

You can help Stop the War on Children. Learn more here.

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