Castle Water partners with Save the Children to help provide children in emergencies with access to safe, clean drinking water. Thanks to the support of both customers and staff, we’ve helped Save the Children deliver a swift response to the impacts of the major flooding across South Asia early in the monsoon season.

Save the Children’s Kristiana Marton sends thanks from monsoon-struck South Asia

The recent monsoon rains in Bangladesh, India and Nepal has led to major flooding and landslides across the three countries. More than 12 million people, including 5 million children are impacted by the disaster. With the monsoon season only just beginning, Save the Children is concerned more bad weather could result in a major humanitarian crisis leading to further death, injury, mass displacement.

A major concern in these circumstances is the potential spread of water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, Hepatitis A and E, particularly in areas where water sources have become contaminated by floodwaters.

Save the Children’s help

Save the Children’s initial response in an emergency is focussed on the immediate needs of children and their families. This involves providing life-saving aid to families who have lost their homes and belongings. They distribute shelter items such as rope, tarpaulin and sleeping mats to protect families who have lost everything. Save the Children also provides hygiene essentials like soap, buckets, toothbrushes and antiseptics to help families stave off illness and disease.

In India, Save the Children is working in three districts in Assam reaching 15,000 children, with shelter and hygiene kits, water and sanitation and child protection services.  Meanwhile, In Bangladesh, Save the Children is working in four districts, reaching 20,000 people, including 12,000 children, with unconditional cash support, water and sanitation and raising awareness around the dangers of flooding to communities. And lastly, in Nepal, Save the Children will provide relief to 77,000 people including 19,250 children, with temporary shelter, water and sanitation services and cash transfers.

In order to have the greatest impact, Save the Children is working with local governments and local partners to ensure that they can reach children even in the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities to deliver essential support.

As floodwaters recede and the extent of damage is clear, Save the Children is extending their response to help families recover and rebuild their lives. This includes repairing damaged schools while replacing lost learning materials like textbooks and notebooks. As child protection experts, Save the Children is repairing child friendly spaces to ensure children have a safe place to take refuge, and where they can access specialist emotional support to overcome the traumatic experience that they have been through. Save the Children will also address the damaged fresh water supplies and destruction of crops and livestock all of which can lead to a devastating effect on the health, wellbeing and future sustainability of all affected communities.

Save the Children’s humanitarian effort has faced many challenges due to the flooding and unstable landscapes across the region, however the team has taken a quick moment to film this heartfelt thank you in response to the support that Castle Water customers and staff have shown.

Thank you!

Learn more about Castle Water’s Save the Children partnership, the Emergency Fund and the ongoing response to the South Asia Floods.

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